At the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Dad and I were not getting on. 
I was stroppy, and some local boys started following me around.
I tried to evade them by a quick floor change via the lift.
Phew, in. Push the button for the ground floor.
The lift moves down a couple of centimetres, then stops.
What have I done? Why does this always happen to me?
How long have I been in here? Will Dad leave without me?
All sorts of fears intensified by the closeness of this windowless space.
I start to panic.
I hear voices outside the doors. Has someone realised?
The next thing I knew, a pry bar came through the door, used by an enormous security guard.
He opens enough of a gap for me to climb out.
Then, to be reassuring, he pats me on the head and, in a terminator Arnie voice, says, "It's alright, little girl".
The humour of the gesture breaks through my shock.
I saw the boys who were following me laughing at the situation.
But full of new found strength i stride past them to the stairs. 
I rush to find my father, who is impatiently waiting for me at the entrance.
"Where have you been?!"

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