Growing up drunk.

Do you remember your first drink?
I was under 5 years old I think.
Sitting around my dad and his mates,
Home Brew bottles in lots of crates.
Me sifting the background stealing swigs,
Shit taking while rolling joints and cigs.

Then my social framework wider,
A church step bogan skulling Old Moute cider.
Then the older muso boyfriend first love phase,
Oak leaf wine in a pseudo intellectual haze.
The graveyard hanging with a cool cat cohort,
Hip flasks of grown up top shelf southern comfort.
At a westport wedding I lash out,
Jug skulls with miner's to prove my clout.

OEs punctuated by vodka, wine, beer,
I out drunk an Uzbek at a wedding, I swear.
Scotland new year eve dad falling on his arse,
Sneaky grannies topping up your whisky glass.
Oldham ravers on snakebites and ecstasy,
Climb out the window to try to be free.

Down to the Hogmanay of the south for higher education,
Wilson's, K Sleaze Tom freebies, a literary libation.
Flatting cut short by a pregnancy unplanned,
Now two grown children later a whole life span,
Oh how the drink dominates my having fun,
I want to stop for myself, my daughter, my son.
For my damaged father lost to me post stroke,
I am really resolute and willing to be woke.
But it's my birthday this weekend I'll be 44,
So maybe have a wee bender, just one more.

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